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  • The Texas Storm Is A Climate Crisis Omen-DAME
    Heather disects how the storm affected Texas and how it is plays into Climate!Check it out:
  • U.S. Climate Action Depends On Democracy - DAME
    Heather talks about how Climate Action here in the U.S. depends on the Democracy. To read article use this link:
  • We're Voting For All Our Lives - DAME
    In this article Heather talks about how this election was imporant and how vital voting is!Check it out at:
  • The Price of Normalizing Climate Diasters- DAME
    Heather goes in to detail about how climate diasters have become part of the norm and how we can fix it! Find the article at this link:
  • The Truth About Why COVID-19 Poses a Unique Threat to Black People- DAME
    Published on May 8, 2020 Heather breaks down what exaclty COVID-19 is and how it adversely affects black people. Link:
  • How To Talk About Climate Change - DAME
    In this article McTeer-Toney breaks down how to have conversations about Climate Change.To read follow this link:

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