What is CSR Management? 

Social Responsibility is the thought that businesses and organizations can find balance between the things that create profit for the business and the activities that are a benefit to society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the self accountability initiative taken to go above and beyond what is required by regulations. While many organizations want to do good, they find their efforts scattered and unrelated to the mission of the business. CSR Management invites an assessment of CSR activities, while creating a platform and strategy to improve CSR efforts organization wide.

The Resolutions Firm provides strategic planning and compassionate engagement to design the best CSR tools for your organization. Services and expert areas include:

  • Enviornmnetal Sustainability

  • Health and Wellbeing Campaigns

  • STEM advocacy

  • Financial Literacy 

  • Community Development & Engagement

  • Current CSR program management

  • CSR employee training programs

  • Unconscious bias seminars

  • Workshop facilitation 

  • Governance and Compliance